The SLOWORX series is a culmination of the field expertise and design from FEED, with the cutting edge rod development technology of Major Craft. The result is a series of performance rods that are second to none. Jigging enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that the SLOWORX series will encompass the full spectrum of needs one will encounter on the water. Spun from ultra fine Nano-Tech composites, the blanks are thin, light and ultra responsive in the hands. But more importantly, they have been carefully composed with individually bespoke material blends that result in the perfect pitch recoils. Jigs can now be pushed for ultimate weight savings. Individual rod colours make model identification easy and the paint is strategically places to allow anglers unparalled visibility of the rod at work. Fuji provides all components to the SLOWORX series as it does to all FEED rods, ensuring excellent quality and reliability. The lightest possible guides are specced to offer smoothness, balance and sensitivity for outright performance, no small details is overlooked. The FEED SLOWORX had all bases covered for Slow Pitch Jigging moving forward, as it pushes the game to newer heights.

Feed Rod Baitcast Slow Worx SWB-62X (0147)

SKU: 800147
  • Slow Worx SWB-62X